Male Identity Crisis

Oct 28, 2023 | People, Sexuality, Videos

The documentary “Strengthening Masculinity” is an eye-opening look into the male mindset and how it affects society. It follows two German men, Sven Philipp and Martin Rheinländer, who host workshops around the country to teach other men about women, flirting and sex. But not everyone agrees with their methods. Christoph May and Susanne Kaiser are among those who are critical of these types of workshops, saying that they promote outdated gender stereotypes and a toxic form of masculinity.

Christoph became so frustrated by his male-dominated environment that he now actively avoids all-male groups whenever possible. As a researcher, he also speaks publicly on shifting masculine norms in society. He encourages men to think critically about their role in society and reflect on how they can become better allies to women.

The documentary follows Sven and Martin as they travel around Germany, hosting their workshops which aim to educate men on these topics in a safe environment. Along the way, we get to learn more about their motivations for doing this work as well as hearing from participants of what they thought of the experience.

Overall, this film offers an important look at rethinking masculinity in today’s world. It raises crucial questions about what it means to be a man in contemporary society while giving us valuable insights into the mindsets of both sexes. So if you’re looking for an engaging and informative watch, “Strengthening Masculinity” is definitely worth your time!

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David B