Magic Johnson on Oprah - HIV Talk

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25 years ago, Magic Johnson surprised and shocked the world announcing he will retire from the NBA because he is HIV positive. But Johnson returned shortly to the court. He retired again in 1992, following talks around the league regarding his condition.

After retiring in 1992, Magic talked with Oprah. And in what can be specified as a candid interview, Magic touched on all topics: HIV, Aids, health concerns, what he intends to do in the future, and how his wife received the news.

It's been 25 years since Magic announced that he is HIV positive, and he is still alive and well. Johnson immediately became a spokesman for the HIV virus, and managed to influence millions of people to practice safe sex, and understand that HIV is not something that affects only homosexuals.

In honor of the Worlds Aids Day, we take a look back at Magic's interview with Oprah. How many of the problems Magic faced back then are still real for our society? Check out the honest and candid interview.

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