Love Freely but Pay for Sex - Mockumentary

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According to the latest studies in the UK, more women than men are paying for sexual services on a daily basis. The study, conducted in 2015, showed that women have too busy lifestyle to be able to date someone, so they are fulfilling their needs with male escorts.

In 2013, the director Phoenix James released “Love Freely but Pay for Sex” documentary. The feature long documentary, which is actually a mockumentary, features real life interviews with male and female escorts, as well as people who have paid for sex.

According to the director, almost 89% of people in England have adopted a lifestyle in which they pay for sex, exchanging money for sexual services. And the British government wants a piece of the action. The government issued a “Pay for sex policy”, which requires unmarried single male and female individuals will have to pay for sexual services.

The government saw sex as a global money-making industry, so taxing it was the logical next step. Issuing a practical tax, one that puts sex in the same line of pleasures such as smoking and drinking was a boost to the British economy. The policy requires couples to register.

Trying to show how absurd the policy is, James and his friends spread across London, pursuing interviews and opinions from the general public.

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