Louis Theroux and the Nazi’s

Apr 28, 2024 | Social, Videos

The intrepid and groundbreaking documentary presenter Louis Theroux is once again taking on the tough and controversial topics of America’s White Aryan Resistance movement, the KKK and Nazis who believe in ethnic cleansing.

In his latest documentary, Theroux travels through California to explore these dark forces from up close. His journey starts at a Nazi rally where he meets April Gaede with her two beautiful daughters Lamb and Lynx, both of whom are poster children for the neo-Nazi movement in the US. Theroux is appalled when he discovers that their favorite computer game is called ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ and they joyfully sing old White Power songs in the car.

Theroux then moves on to meet Tom Metzger, one of America’s most notorious racists who has been a Grand Dragon of the KKK in the seventies and a congressional candidate in the eighties. In spite of this Metzger seems full of contradictions; happily singing karaoke to a bar full of non-white clientele and warmly greeting Oscar, a mixed race chap from Peru, as an old friend.

Metzger’s support comes largely from people like Skip and his wife Heather – hardcore Nazi skinheads – with whom Theroux attends a Sunday barbecue. The discussion quickly turns sour when Theroux refuses to declare if he is Jewish or not.

This documentary promises to be both unsettling and uncompromising yet also surprisingly humanizing; giving viewers an intimate look into these extreme ideologies as viewed up close by Theroux himself. If you’re looking for an insightful exploration into racism that will have you questioning your own beliefs, then this documentary should definitely be on your watch list!

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David B