Lords of Water

Apr 23, 2024 | Environmental, Videos

Water is the essential element for life on Earth, and it has been a reliable resource for billions of years. But now, we are facing a crisis unseen before in human history – water shortages. With a huge population who all need water to survive, the demand for this vital natural resource has become unsustainable. Overpopulation, wastage, industrial pollution and global warming have all contributed to an imminent global water crisis that will affect us all if left unaddressed.

At the same time, banks and financial giants like Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank are investing billions into what’s been dubbed the “Blue Rush”. They are buying up water sources, usage rights, distribution systems and storage facilities so they can turn water into a tradable commodity – “Blue Gold”, as some call it. This has already had devastating effects in countries like Australia where many farms have had to close due to skyrocketing costs of simply accessing clean drinking water.

The situation is even worse in poorer parts of the world where access to potable water is already scarce or non-existent, making them more vulnerable than ever before to this new market of financialized water. The question remains: should we see water as another commodity and accept its commodification? Or should we preserve it as an open resource that everyone can access freely?

If you’re interested in learning more about this complicated topic then make sure you watch The Great Water Divide documentary which goes into great detail about how our decisions today will determine our future when it comes to having enough clean drinking water available on the planet. It also examines this issue from multiple angles by interviewing experts from both sides of the debate as well as regular people who are already feeling the effects of these changes.

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David B