The 7 Best Documentaries About Goldman Sachs

Jan 19, 2024 | Best Of, Finance

From the Wall Street Crash of 1929 to its current role in the modern economy, Goldman Sachs has been a major presence on the global financial scene. Its influence and power have made it one of the most controversial companies in business history – and that’s why documentaries about Goldman Sachs are so popular! In this article we’ll be exploring seven of the best documentaries about Goldman Sachs. From accounts of its impact on the global economy to stories of everyday people affected by its decisions, these documentaries offer a fascinating insight into the world of finance and one of the most powerful companies in it. So grab yourself some popcorn, put your feet up, and enjoy these seven must-see documentaries about Goldman Sachs!


1. Goldman Sachs – Company that Ruled the World

Goldman Sachs has been around for over 150 years and is one of the most powerful financial institutions in the world. From its humble beginnings as a small corner shop in downtown Manhattan to its current position as an international powerhouse, this documentary takes us through the journey of Goldman Sachs. Through interviews with former employees, industry experts and archival footage, we get a glimpse into what makes this Wall Street giant tick. The documentary also touches on how Goldman Sachs’ practices have impacted the global economy, from its role in the global financial crisis to its involvement in many political scandals. With a behind-the-scenes look at this influential company, it gives us insight into how one of America’s oldest and largest investment banks operates.


2. Goldman Sachs – Power and Peril

Goldman Sachs is one of the most powerful and influential financial institutions in the world. It has been at the center of many controversial deals, including the 2008 Financial Crisis. This CNBC documentary offers an inside look at Goldman Sachs and its impact on global markets. Explore the company’s history, from its beginnings as a small Wall Street firm to its current status as a global financial firm. Learn more about its controversial business dealings, and how these have helped shape the global economy. With interviews from former employees and outside analysts, this documentary provides an in-depth look into the power and perils of Goldman Sachs. From its insider trading scandals to its ties to powerful politicians, get the full picture of one of the most influential firms in the world. Discover how Goldman Sachs has shaped global markets and how its decisions have reverberated throughout the financial industry. With this documentary, you can get an inside look into one of the most powerful institutions in the world.


3. Why Goldman Sachs Went From Investing For The Rich To Targeting Everyone

Goldman Sachs is a leader in both traditional investing and more innovative approaches such as venture capital. As one of the most influential financial institutions in the world, Goldman Sachs has been the subject of several documentaries that explore its rise, fall, and subsequent comeback. These are some of the best documentaries about Goldman Sachs: -The Road to Goldman Sachs (2012): This documentary follows the path of a group of students as they take part in a recruitment competition to join the prestigious firm. It shows the rigors and pressure that applicants go through, and how being accepted at Goldman Sachs can change one’s life.


4. Goldman Sachs at 150

Today, Goldman Sachs is still a global financial institution with its headquarters in New York City. As of 2019, the firm has $1.51 trillion in assets under management and over 14,000 employees worldwide. But what’s it like to work at Goldman and what have been some of the biggest milestones on its path to becoming one of the most powerful banks in the world? To answer these questions and get an inside look at Goldman Sachs, here are some of the best documentaries about it. From award-winning feature films to revealing television reports, they all provide a fascinating glimpse into one of Wall Street’s most iconic businesses.


5. Goldman Sachs – The Most Evil Bankers in the World

Goldman Sachs is notorious for their shady tactics and rapaciousness in the pursuit of profit. From being at the forefront of financial instruments that nearly brought down the global economy to helping foreign dictators hide profits, Goldman Sachs’ has a reputation for ruthless greed. But this company has also been a subject of fascination and inquiry, from books to documentaries to feature films. This list takes a look at the best documentaries about Goldman Sachs and what they have done to influence the world. From films that explore their role in the financial crisis of 2008 to those that take an investigative look into their broader history, these movies will provide you with valuable insights into why Goldman Sachs is considered by many to be “the most evil bank on earth.


6. The Rise And Fall Of Goldman Sachs’ Marcus

Beyond the failure of Goldman Sachs’ foray into consumer banking, there are plenty of stories about the bank itself. From Goldman Sachs’ ties to the Trump Administration, to its alumni like Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin and former top economic advisor Gary Cohn, these documentaries explore the history and politics behind this Wall Street giant. The following list compiles some of the best documentaries about Goldman Sachs, many of which feature interviews with key players at the bank.First up is “The China Hustle”, released in 2018. This documentary digs into how Wall Street investors took advantage of U.S.-based Chinese companies by manipulating their stock prices to reap huge rewards for themselves while leaving ordinary people in financial ruin. Led by a former hedge fund manager, the story revolves around how investors took advantage of numerous loopholes and misreported — and sometimes fraudulent — financial statements to make a killing at the expense of ordinary investors. It’s an eye-opening look into Wall Street greed and how it can be taken too far.


7. Goldman Sachs at 150

This documentary details the rise and fall of Goldman Sachs, from its humble beginnings as a small family-run business to its current status as one of the largest financial institutions in the world. It looks at how Goldman Sachs has come to dominate global markets, maneuvering through boom and bust cycles, while maintaining their reputation for innovation and risk-taking. The film also showcases some of the most important personalities in the firm’s history, including Waddill Catchings and John Whitehead. The documentary also explores how Goldman Sachs has responded to the financial crisis of 2008, including its involvement with bailouts and other controversial actions that have come to define the firm’s reputation for this period in history.



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