London cleaned up its air pollution. Delhi can too.

Aug 28, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

London has long been known for its smog, and in Victorian times, the air pollution was so toxic it rivaled that of some of the most polluted cities in Asia today such as Delhi, Beijing and Jakarta. But how did this change take place? Through advances in technology, cleaner energy sources and a holistic approach to tackling air pollution, London’s air is now vastly cleaner than it once was.

The story of London’s dramatic improvement when it comes to air quality began in the 1850s when England passed its first public health act. This act required factories to move out of cities and relocate to rural areas where they would have more space to emit smoke from their chimneys without impacting local citizens. Along with this came an increase in the use of steam trains rather than coal-powered locomotives which reduced the amount of polluted smoke released into the atmosphere.

By the end of WWI, London had also become a major producer of electricity using cleaner methods such as hydroelectric power generated by dams on nearby rivers. Over time, other clean energy sources were adopted such as solar panels and wind turbines which further helped reduce overall air pollution levels across England’s capital city.

Today London is home to one of Europe’s most extensive networks of electric buses which run through many parts of the city, further reducing emissions from public transport vehicles even further. This has been accompanied by a widespread switch from petrol and diesel cars to hybrid or fully electric vehicles over recent years making it easier for Londoners to get around without adding any additional pollutants into their air supply.

Thanks to these measures along with continued awareness campaigns about reducing emissions from private cars and other sources, London’s smog is no longer an issue faced by those living in the city today. To learn more about this incredible transformation, viewers can watch ‘Smog: A Clean Air Story’ – a documentary about how England’s capital managed this incredible feat over time. It offers Singaporean viewers insights into how their own cities could benefit from similar measures when striving for clean air solutions within their own urban environments!

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