The Best Documentaries About Delhi

Jan 30, 2024 | Best Of, Geography

Welcome to a list of the most insightful and captivating documentaries about Delhi. This collection brings together acclaimed films from around the world that explore this culturally rich city, its people, its history and culture. Whether you’re looking for engrossing human-interest stories or an in depth look at some of Delhi’s many facets, these documentaries are sure to leave you with a better understanding of the vibrant city. Dive into these captivating stories and get an intimate look at what makes Delhi such an incredible place!


1. Delhi, India – 4K Urban Documentary Film with City Sounds – Best of India

But what if you can’t make a physical trip to Delhi? Is it possible to get close to local culture and atmosphere without leaving your home? The answer is yes! You just have to find the best documentaries about Delhi. These documentaries will help you to immerse into the history, culture, and lifestyle of this incredible city.


2. Delhi 2020: The Real Conspiracy; Episode 1: What the Delhi Police Chose Not to See

Delhi has a long and complicated history, full of secrets and mysteries. Alishan Jafri and Shehlat Maknoon Wani’s documentary, `Investigation and story`, explores the depths of Delhi’s past. Through interviews with locals, archival footage, and stunning visuals they dive into forgotten parts of the city that are steeped in history.


3. New Delhi, Paharganj – Walking EXTREMLY BUSY Streets

Description of the titled “The New Delhi, Paharganj Walking Tour.” This an intimate look into the life and culture of a famous neighborhood in Delhi. It also highlights its vibrant street food, vibrant shops, and other aspects that make this area so unique. The video features interviews with locals who share their thoughts on what makes this place unique as well as stunning visuals that capture the true essence of this neighborhood.



Synopsis of the New Delhi Pvt. Ltd.’, one of the best documentaries to watch when you want to learn about the history and current state of Delhi. It takes us on a visual journey through Delhi’s rapid transformation from its past to its present day form. The how neo-liberal policies have created an environment in which corporations are able to take advantage of the city’s resources while at the same time, people and communities are displaced from their homes.


5. Talking History

Documentaries on Delhi showcase the incredible cultural diversity of the region. From delving into its history to exploring its vibrant street life, these films capture the essence of what makes Delhi unique and special. One such film is ‘Delhi: The City of Dreams’ which follows a young man as he navigates his way through the hustle and bustle of the city. The film highlights the distinct culture and traditions that make up Delhi, offering a window into this vibrant metropolis.



Delhi is a city of incredible contradictions. It’s home to some of the most magnificent monuments and structures in the world such as India Gate, Humayun’s Tomb, and Red Fort, as well as over 18 million people. The capital of India is known for its bustling street life, chaotic traffic and vibrant culture – all of which can be seen in the many documentaries that have been made about Delhi.



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