Living in Russia: Childhood (2/6)

Sep 8, 2023 | Activism, Culture, Social, Videos

The documentary, “The Russians” by Juri Resheto, takes us on a journey through Russia, unraveling the mysteries of its culture and society. The film showcases firsthand experiences of ordinary Russians and documents their life stories filled with joys, sorrows, hopes, and fears.
From Saint Petersburg to the Tundra, and from Vologda to the Urals, the documentary interviews people of varying ages and backgrounds. We meet a touring star from Vologda, Viktor, who overcame his drug addiction. Veronika, a resident of the Tundra, tells us about her love for guns. The documentary also sets out to answer important questions about Russian society. What do young Russians strive for? What motivates people to be critical of the government, while others remain loyal to the Kremlin? Join us on this emotional journey through life, from birth, childhood, and youth to old age and death.

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David B