Lineman – Most dangerous job in the World

Jun 22, 2023 | People, Videos

Electricity is something most people take for granted. When we flip a switch, we expect the lights to turn on, the TV to start playing, and our laptops and phones to charge. But have you ever thought about how power lines get repaired or installed? The people tasked with such jobs are called linemen, and they are responsible for maintaining the electricity that powers our daily lives.
A new documentary series called Linemen follows the lives of two teams of linemen from different areas, in six episodes chronicling their daily work lives. The series is a thrilling and captivating portrayal of what it takes to work on high voltage systems high up in the air, under extreme conditions.
Hanging by a thin rope under a helicopter, 100 meters above the ground, but only centimeters from a hundred-thousand-volt power line takes guts, and not many people can do it. These linemen make it seem like just another day at the office. One wrong move, one unexpected gust of wind, and death comes knocking. The team is their life insurance, their trust in each other, and their perfect team play that helps them tackle each task with precision and care.
Linemen is a highly entertaining cocktail of fascinating imagery, strong characters, and absorbing storylines. Not a single episode is routine, as the linemen are always repairing and building high voltage systems as they prepare for upcoming tasks. They also train for both the expected and unexpected, integrate new team members, and breathe a sigh of relief when an extremely dangerous plan works out.

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David B