How it Works: Electricity

Feb 20, 2023 | Science, Videos

Nowadays, it is virtually impossible to separate our lives from electricity. You can always live your life completely off the grid, but you can be sure that you will find electricity in some of the loneliest corners of the world.

Electricity exists even in our own bodies, helping with the human nervous system, animating our brain and supporting our heartbeat.

It has been more than 250 years since Benjamin Franking proved that lighting is a form of electricity, and we still take this mysterious force that energizes our world for granted.

But have you ever wondered how does electricity work? This documentary takes the process to its simplest, and purest forms. Just like salt, flour, yeast, and sugar are ingredients in making bread, the documentary takes you through the ingredients for electricity.

The short documentary also states some interesting facts regarding atoms, neutrons, electrons and particles. Even those with moderate physics and science understanding and education will be able to understand how electricity works, and that is the sole goal of the documentary: to help us understand one of the crucial and integral part of our lives.

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Riyan H.