Life After People

Apr 8, 2024 | Environmental, Videos

The History Channel’s series Life After People takes a fascinating but morbid look at what would happen if the world suddenly lost its human population. With the ever-looming threat of nuclear warfare and increased tensions in volatile regions, it isn’t too farfetched to imagine that this might one day come to pass.

The documentary explores what would happen to both urban and natural environments without humans around. From manmade structures like bridges and buildings, to our beloved pets who are dependent on us for their care – all would eventually disappear or perish without humankind’s intervention. Even the most resilient wildlife couldn’t withstand the sudden lack of people, as cities and towns would become overrun with predators and wild animals.

Our oceans and lakes would rise due to lack of dams for regulation, while lightning strikes could cause disastrous fires across entire regions. Plant life would take over roads, bridges and buildings, while iconic structures like the Statue of Liberty and other universally recognized monuments will erode into nothingness with time.

To study this potential outcome in its truest form, Life After People showcases the real-world example of Chernobyl, Ukraine – which has been abandoned since its catastrophic nuclear disaster 35 years ago. Through the eyes of biologists, ecologists and engineers, viewers are presented with an eerie yet captivating look at a post-humanity future which is both awe-inspiring yet incredibly sad.

For those interested in learning more about how our planet fares without human beings, Life After People is an essential watch – offering a thought provoking examination into an alternate reality which could one day become our own.

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David B