Lebanon: Fuel Wars

Oct 18, 2023 | People, Videos

For weeks, Lebanon has been in a state of chaos and distress due to a fuel crisis that is inflicting immense damage on its society. The country is facing extreme shortages of gas, petrol and diesel, leaving numerous cars waiting for hours in long queues just to fill up their tanks. Power plants can only provide electricity for limited periods each day, making life even more unbearable.

The fuel crisis is not only adding to the economic hardship but also exacerbating the already precarious political situation, with countless protests taking place on a daily basis. Fuel prices have skyrocketed, while infrastructure has been left crumbling with no signs of improvement foreseeable in the near future. The crisis has particularly hard hit those who depend on public transportation as well as small business owners and farmers.

This devastating ordeal is now the focus of an upcoming documentary film titled “Powerless: A Story Of A Nation Held Hostage”, which takes an in-depth look at the effects of this ongoing fuel crisis in Lebanon. Through interviews with affected citizens and experts, it unveils how a people are surviving despite being held hostage by their own government’s mismanagement and corruption.

The documentary also provides a unique perspective on how ordinary people are striving against all odds to continue fighting for better living conditions while still keeping hope alive. We highly encourage everyone to watch this powerful film and help spread awareness about the struggles of those living in Lebanon during this very difficult time.

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David B