KONY 2012

Jun 28, 2023 | Justice, Military/War, Social, Videos

KONY 2012 is an eye-opening documentary created by Invisible Children and released in March of 2012. It was designed to increase public awareness of the brutal warlord, Joseph Kony, and to build support for his arrest and trial.

For more than two decades, Joseph Kony has been leading the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a militia responsible for widespread atrocities in Central Africa. The LRA has kidnapped thousands of children and forced them into servitude as soldiers or sex slaves. The violence has left millions of people displaced, traumatized, and impoverished.

Invisible Children’s documentary introduces viewers to the plight of those affected by Kony’s reign of terror and encourages them to support activism against him. It features interviews with survivors as well as personal testimonies from people who are working towards peace in the region.

The campaign behind KONY 2012 also seeks to put pressure on world leaders to act on behalf of those suffering in Central Africa. By making Joseph Kony famous – not celebrated – they hope it will draw enough attention that governments will be compelled to take action against him.

It is clear that the situation facing those living under Kony’s tyranny is dire, but there is still hope for change. We can all make a difference by raising our voices against injustice and watching this documentary to learn more about this issue. Let us join together in solidarity towards achieving peace for Central Africa once and for all!

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David B