Kevin Durant: The Offseason

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Kevin Durant was the star of the 2016 offseason with his move from Oklahoma City Thunder to the Golden State Warriors.

But the star forward was part of a different “offseason” a while ago. In 2014, Durant was a star of his own documentary, called “The Offseason” in which the former MVP talks about his journey from a little kid to one of the best players in the league.

The HBO documentary stars with the emotional speech Durant gave when he won the MVP award, thanking his teammates and his mother for the heroic struggles she encountered to raise him.

From there, the documentary continues with Durant and his determination to win a championship, a determination that has brought him to the Golden State Warriors. Back then, nobody believed Kevin will leave the Thunder, but it happened.

The cameras show Durant as he goes through his three month exercise in the summer, battling a foot injury that sidelined him for the beginning of the season. The documentary also shows the work he has done with Steve Nash during the offseason, but also his business side as he meets with investors and corporate businessmen.

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