The 7 Best Documentaries About Kevin Durant

Jan 20, 2024 | Best Of, Sports

Welcome to the ultimate guide in documentary films about Kevin Durant! Join us on a journey down memory lane as we look at some of the greatest documentaries ever made featuring this basketball superstar. From stories of his rise to the top, the struggles and triumphs along the way, and even an exploration into his personal life – you’ll learn more about KD than what meets the eye. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just curious to learn more, this is the perfect guide for anyone looking to get inspired by one of the greatest athletes of all time. So sit back and enjoy – let’s dive into Kevin Durant’s story!

1. Still KD: Through the Noise – Kevin Durant Full Documentary

Still KD: A Deeper Look into Kevin Durant’s Life and CareerThe documentary Still KD takes an in-depth look into the life of former MVP and NBA Champion, Kevin Durant. From his humble beginnings to becoming one of the most versatile and talented players in basketball history, viewers get a rare glimpse behind the scenes at the man who is arguably one of the greatest.


2. Kevin Durant The Offseason FULL Documentary

The off-season is a time of intense preparation for Kevin Durant. He’s constantly striving to be the best and pushing his body and mind to reach new levels of success. To truly appreciate what it takes for him to stay on top, we have to look at the hard work and dedication he puts in when the spotlight isn’t shining on him.


3. Kevin Durant – NOTORIOUS KD (NETS HYPE) Mini-Movie

Nets hype around Kevin Durant is at an all-time high and it’s time to get fired up! The mini movie “NOTORIOUS KD – Nets Hype” gives a behind the scenes look at what its like to be one of the biggest superstars in basketball. We’re taken on a journey of determination and grit, through clips from interviews with KD himself.


4. MOST HATED | How Kevin Durant Became the NBA’s Villain | Documentary

In the ever-evolving world of professional basketball, one name stands out in particular: Kevin Durant. He is a living legend, long revered as one of the NBA’s greatest players. But his story goes beyond simply being a great basketball player – it is a tale of immense success but also extreme adversity.


5. Still KD Short #1: Let’s Get Started – Kevin Durant Documentary

This documentary delves into the life and times of one of the most talented basketball superstars in recent memory: Kevin Durant. From his humble beginnings to his remarkable rise as an NBA superstar, this film looks at it all. With unprecedented access to Durant’s family, friends, and coaches, we’ll get to experience firsthand how KD ascended from a kid with big dreams.


6. NBA Legends Explain Why Kevin Durant is Better Than Everybody

Ever since he entered the NBA, Kevin Durant has been one of the most talked-about players in basketball history. From his clutch performances on big stages to becoming the 2017 NBA champion with Golden State Warriors, KD’s journey has been one for the ages.Now, some of basketball’s all-time greats have come together to explain why Kevin Durant.


7. [FULL] Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley walk down memory lane in exclusive sit-down interview | ESPN

ESPN recently had the opportunity to get an exclusive, in-depth interview with two of the NBA’s top stars: Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley. The two players took a walk down memory lane as they shared stories from their high school days all the way up to their current professional careers.

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