Jewish life in Poland

Aug 16, 2023 | Culture, Religion, Social, Videos

Seventy-five years after the end of World War Two, life is returning to the Jewish community in Poland. Jewish cultural festivals, kosher restaurants, klezmer bands and Jewish schools have returned to the country that was once the location of the Nazi German Auschwitz extermination camp. Yet, such a thriving Jewish community would have been unlikely without the remarkable efforts of one man: Chief Rabbi of Poland, Michael Schudrich.
This upcoming documentary explores Schudrich’s journey to rebuilding Jewish religious life in Poland against all odds, from leading a fledgling Jewish school in Warsaw to welcoming Poles to rediscover their Jewish roots. The film chronicles Schudrich’s own journey from growing up on New York’s Upper West Side to dedicating his life to fostering a renewed sense of Jewish communal identity in the country of his ancestors. Don’t miss this gripping story of cultural resilience and renewal that ultimately leads to the growth of the Jewish community in Poland today.

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David B