Jehovah’s Witnesses Exposed!

Feb 24, 2023 | Religion, Videos

You know those people that come at your door, try to educate you about religion, and Jesus Christ and so on? Yes, those, the Jehovah Witnesses. We all know them, we’ve all seen them, but how much do we really know about the Jehovah’s Witnesses?

In his show, Vinnie Eastwood tries to answer some of the questions regarding Jehovah’s Witnesses, and explore some of the mysteries and conspiracies. Joining him are two people personally connected to the Witnesses, Santos Bonacci from Australia and Jordan Maxwell from America.

You’d be surprised to see and hear how much Jehovah’s Witnesses are actually wrong, abusive and bad plain and simple. The message they preach seems all too plastic and all too perfect for lots of people, no matter if they are Christians, Catholics, or even Atheists.

One of the mysteries for example, that very few people know about is the connection between Hitler and Jehovah’s Witnesses. At the beginning, the Witnesses actually supported Hitler, but end up being against him later. Much of this is covered by the fact that JW go on and on about Holocaust, how they survived it and so on. But what lies beneath all those perfect stories, well dressed young people and a religion they preach? Find out!

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Riyan H.