Jeff Buckley

Nov 17, 2023 | Music, Videos

Jeffrey Scott “Jeff” Buckley was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist who made a name for himself during the early 90s, playing cover songs at venues in Manhattan’s East Village. Not long after, he signed with Columbia and released his only studio album, Grace. Over the following two years, Jeff and his band toured worldwide to promote the album, playing in the U.S., Europe, Japan and Australia.

In 1997, Buckley moved to Memphis, Tennessee to work on his second album titled My Sweetheart the Drunk. Unfortunately, that same year he tragically drowned during a spontaneous evening swim in Wolf River.

Since his death in 1997, there have been numerous posthumous releases of Jeff’s material including expansions of Grace and Live at Sin-é EP as well as four-track demos of My Sweetheart the Drunk. Moreover, Buckley attained posthumous chart success with Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah” which reached #2 in UK Singles Chart in Christmas 2008.

Even today Buckley’s music continues to be extremely popular across many genres; his influence remains strong within modern music culture. Therefore it is highly recommended for any music enthusiast to watch the documentary about Jeff Buckley’s life so they can gain a deeper understanding of this brilliant artist and what makes him so timelessly influential. The documentary will take viewers on an amazing journey through Jeff Buckley’s life; from his humble beginnings all the way up until his premature passing – presenting never before seen footage along with exclusive interviews from those closest to him. This beautiful portrayal of life not only serves as a homage to one of rock’s most beloved musicians but also helps keep Jeff Buckley’s legacy alive for generations to come.

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