JANPATH: A Request to PM Modi – Documentary about Delhi Street Vendors

Dec 19, 2022 | Economics, Lifestyle, Social, Videos

Delhi in India is one of the most populated cities in the world. With population of close to 10 million, Delhi is definitely a huge city. As a big city, Delhi faces a number of challenges, but probably one of the biggest is markets and street vendors.

Municipal authorities and police regularly harass street vendors at the Janpath market. With the launch of the Smart City campaign, problems are getting bigger.

The story has two sides. On one side, you have the rural-urban migration, which is at its peak. People are moving to the city, and they are leaving the villages empty behind. On the other hand, you have cities that are restricting access.

The documentary explores the concept of Smart City, and how it has failed. By 2050, Delhi will probably become the world’s largest city, and authorities have to prepare for what is coming. Governments are ignorant of the migration movement, and the documentary is a plea for authorities to focus more on migration, and problems people are facing when they come to the big city.

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Riyan H.