Isaac Newton: The Last Magician

Nov 12, 2023 | Science, Social, Videos

Sir Isaac Newton is widely regarded as one of the greatest scientists in history, and his life was no less extraordinary. His work revolutionized our understanding of the universe, and he was a fiercely independent thinker who refused to accept conventional wisdom. Now, an exciting new documentary from the BBC explores Newton’s enigmatic life and groundbreaking discoveries.

“Genius Of Invention: The Life of Sir Isaac Newton” reveals a complex figure by interviewing experts and delving into his own writings and those of his contemporaries. It shines a light on the heretical religious views and occult interests he kept hidden in secrecy throughout his life. This 60-minute biography reveals not only how Newton arrived at some of his most astonishing scientific insights but also how his pursuits with alchemy contributed greatly to them.

The documentary follows Newton’s journey from an isolated young man conducting dangerous experiments in order to contradict 2,000 years worth of accepted scientific knowledge, to becoming President of the Royal Society renowned for his genius across the world. We are also introduced to John Maynard Keynes who uncovered many of Newton’s secret documents after his death which revealed an even deeper complexity beneath this celebrated scientist’s secretive persona.

From discovering gravity to obsessing over alchemy and biblical texts, “Genius Of Invention: The Life Of Sir Isaac Newton” is sure to leave you inspired – or at least in awe – by what this great mind achieved during such a short time here on Earth. So make sure you don’t miss out on this gripping exploration of one of history’s most fascinating figures!

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David B