Is this island the best in the world?

Jun 16, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The tiny Scandinavian island of Bornholm in Denmark has become a beacon for sustainability. Already known as the greenest island in the world, its inhabitants have worked hard to turn their economy around and create a carbon-neutral environment. The documentary ‘Bornholm: An Island of Renewal’ tells the inspiring story of this transformation and how it can serve as an example for other local communities.

The documentary follows the journey of this small but determined community, driven by the goal of creating a sustainable future for themselves and their children. On Bornholm, renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and solar panels are commonplace, while organic agriculture is also supported with great enthusiasm. Waste management is also high priority here – recyclable materials are categorized, collected and recycled efficiently to reduce landfill waste.

In addition to its green initiatives, Bornholm has invested heavily in eco-friendly businesses – from restaurants to health centers that use only natural ingredients, to hotels that run on renewable energy sources. As a result, visitors can now enjoy an eco-friendly experience when visiting this beautiful corner of Scandinavia.

The success of Bornholm’s transition towards sustainable living should be an inspiration to us all. It shows that even small communities can make big changes when they put their minds together – highlighting the importance of collective action in tackling climate change. Watching ‘Bornholm: An Island of Renewal’ will provide further insight into this remarkable story and inspire others to take similar actions at home or in their local communities.

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David B