Iran from above – In the mountains

May 29, 2023 | Lifestyle, People, Social, Videos

This documentary film is a breathtaking exploration of Iran’s mountainous terrain and the rich tapestry of its history. From legendary horsemen who once roamed the mountains to the scientific investigations taking place today, the film takes viewers on an unforgettable journey through Iran’s cultural heritage.
Through stunning aerial views and fascinating glimpses into the lives of people living in Iran, the documentary goes beyond the surface and delves deep into the heart of the country. Meet Ali, a world champion of mounted archery, and dive into the historic Tabiz bazaar, where multiple ethnic groups come together in a powerful microcosm of the country’s cultural diversity. The film also introduces viewers to beekeepers, violinmakers, and young people struggling to express themselves freely in the face of social and cultural restrictions. With incredible insights into Iran’s complex history and vibrant present, this documentary is a must-see for anyone seeking to understand this fascinating country and its people.

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David B