Interview with a Cannibal

Nov 9, 2023 | Social, Videos

Issei Sagawa is a name that will forever stand out as one of the most infamous examples of cannibalism in modern-day history. In 1981, Issei Sagawa, an ambitious Japanese student studying in Paris, committed one of the most heinous acts ever recorded – the murder and consumption of his fellow classmate.

The events leading to this horrific crime began when Issei was rejected by his classmate after he expressed romantic interest in her. With a need to take revenge and prove his power over women, Issei purchased a gun and lured the woman to a nearby park. Once there, he shot her and proceeded to consume parts of her body over the course of two days.

After his gruesome deed was discovered, Issei was declared insane and unfit for trial by French authorities. As a result, he was institutionalized in Paris but it didn’t take long for public outcry to force him into deportation back to Japan where doctors would soon declare him “sane but evil”. This allowed him to be released from psychiatric care within just four years after his initial conviction and ever since then he has been living freely in Tokyo.

This story stands as an absurd yet fascinating example of how human depravity can reach unprecedented heights if not properly monitored or analyzed. The shock value and morbid curiosity around this case have resulted in many documentaries, books and films that analyze every detail surrounding this horrific act. One such documentary is “The Cannibal That Walked Free” which delves deeper into who Issei Sagawa is as well as how this case has unfolded throughout the years. It provides viewers with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding about what led up to this unspeakable crime as well as its aftermath – making it a must watch for those looking for insight on why some people are driven towards acts of extreme depravity while others never even come close.

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David B