Inside ISIS – Documentary Explaining the Origin, History and Goals of the Islamic State

Dec 24, 2022 | Military/War, Political, Videos

Before watching this documentary, you are advised to exercise your right of discretion. The ISIS documentary contains explicit material, especially disturbing images showing murders, crimes and terror done by the Islamic State.

The jihadist group that formerly had ties with al Quade has become the center of attention in recent years due to the war in Syria. The group was formerly established as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and has since announced the intention to reestablish the caliphate.

During the summer, the actions by the Islamic State shocked the world, and the issue of ISIS and Syria has become a stressful question on which the US and Russia are trying to find a common ground.

The Western diplomacy calls the caliphate “Syrian liberated areas”, but it is clear who is in charge of the liberated area.

The documentary takes the viewers into the deep hierarchy of ISIS, the foundation, the history, origin of ISIS and their goals.

Take a look deep inside the organization that has taken the world by storm in past few months, and you might find out that your view will on the matter will change. And if you want to know what Muslims think of ISIS, you can read more on the matter here.

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Riyan H.