Inside Britain’s Fattest Man

Jun 4, 2023 | Health, Videos


Barry Austin stands as one of the last unexplored territories on Earth. His body is a place of awe-inspiring sights, unknown terror, and a deadly struggle between man and nature. The British public have never seen someone with such a gluttonous appetite for food and drink as Barry’s.

The documentary ‘Inside Barry Austin’ narrated by TV personality Richard Hammond offers an unprecedented glimpse into the inner workings of Britain’s fattest man. With the help of cutting-edge 2005 CGI technology, viewers are taken on a journey through Barry’s organs to witness first-hand the consequences of his deep fried diet.

What sets this documentary apart from its contemporaries is its willingness to go beyond simply exposing the physical toll that obesity takes on the human body. Instead, we are invited into Barry’s world to better understand his struggles with weight management and his emotional battle against obesity.

This is an eye-opening look at what life is like for those who suffer from extreme overeating habits and should be required viewing for all who seek to comprehend what it means to be overweight in modern society.

For those curious about pushing past our own boundaries when it comes to understanding another person’s health battle, Inside Barry Austin provides a unique opportunity to witness some amazing spectacles, while also gaining insight into how your own food choices may affect your overall health and wellbeing. So don’t miss out on this incredible documentary – come explore the unknown with Richard Hammond and see just what lies inside Barry Austin!

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David B