The 10 Best Richard Hammond Documentaries

Nov 6, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities

Richard Hammond is one of the most popular and iconic figures in modern television. Whether you know him as the adventurous host of “Top Gear”, the quick-witted presenter of “Brainiac” or the daring racer of “The Grand Tour”, you’ve probably experienced some part of his remarkable career. But what about behind-the-scenes? What stories have been left untold? With these 10 documentaries, you can get a more in-depth look at the life and career of Richard Hammond. These films provide an intimate portrait of the man behind the fame, revealing previously unknown facts and stories about his life. From his early years as a TV presenter to his current success on “The Grand Tour”, discover the world of Richard Hammond with these must-watch documentaries.

1. Engineering Connections Richard Hammond – Bullet Train

In this documentary, you’ll get to experience the story of one of the most innovative and successful experiments in transportation history. From its inception as a dream, to its reality as the world’s fastest train – it truly is one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments. You’ll see how Hammond reveals amazing details about how the Bullet Train was designed and constructed, from the use of computers to calculate the exact path and speed on the track, to its aerodynamic shape and special lightweight material. You’ll also discover how Hammond explores other amazing engineering feats that are all connected to the Bullet Train – such as a bridge built over crops in China, a robotic arm used for building aircraft, a high-speed maglev train, and a driverless car. The documentary takes us to the future of transportation too, where Hammond visits the research labs of some major companies to find out more about self-driving cars and other revolutionary technologies that are being developed.


2. Airbus A380 Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections

Along the way, Hammond meets remarkable engineers, pilots and adventurers who make this mighty machine soar. Get ready to experience an engineering epic like no other! Hammond is also known for his daredevil stunts in “Top Gear” and “The Grand Tour.” But did you know he has a passion for making documentaries as well? From exploring ancient Rome and uncovering the science behind explosions, to investigating the secrets of aircraft design, Hammond’s career has spanned some of the most exciting documentary topics imaginable. If you are looking for a thrilling journey into the unknown without leaving your living room, check out some of Richard Hammond’s best documentaries today. From his electrifying investigations in “Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections” to his exploration of the science behind explosives in “Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab,” you’re sure to be captivated by the knowledge and adventure he brings. Go on a journey with Richard Hammond as he takes us from engineering marvels, past and present, into uncharted territories that will both astound and educate. With riveting stories about some


3. Engineering Connections  Richard Hammond – Space Shuttle

Join Richard as he reveals the remarkable engineering genius behind one of mankind’s most impressive achievements. He also takes a look at the spacecraft from another perspective. He travels to Houston, Texas, to meet astronauts who have flown the Shuttle and test pilot Gordon Fullerton, who has piloted two shuttles into orbit. In their own words they explain why it is such a compelling and rewarding experience, and how their careers have been shaped by the Shuttle program over its 30-year history. From the technological achievements to the exhilarating experiences of astronauts, this documentary about Richard Hammond offers an intimate look at one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments in space exploration.


4. Engineering Connections Richard Hammond  – Supertanker

Join Hammond as he explores the engineering feats that make this possible. The documentary series also takes a look at some of Richard Hammond’s other passions and interests, from classic cars to space exploration. In these episodes, Richard visits some of the most fascinating places in the world to learn about their engineering achievements. From visiting Formula One race tracks to exploring ancient Roman aqueducts, Richard explores the engineering behind some of the most incredible feats from around the globe. This series is a must-see for any fan of engineering: it’s an inspiring and educational journey with Richard Hammond as your guide. From classic cars to oil rigs, explore the amazing stories behind some of humanity’s greatest accomplishments.


5. Extreme Temperature Science With Richard Hammond

In “The Heat of the Moment: Inside Weather”, Hammond takes viewers inside weather and reveals how heat is created, regulated, and distributed around the planet. The documentary features interviews with experts from NASA, NOAA, and other leading institutes who explain what makes hot spots on Earth so unique. It also showcases stunning visuals to emphasize weather’s power and complexity. From the scorching deserts of the Arabian Peninsula to the icy winds of Antarctica, viewers will learn about why some places are colder than others and how heat affects humanity’s daily life. Hammond also demonstrates how humans have been able to use technology to track weather conditions as they change over time. In “Weather Warning: The Art and Science of Forecasting,” he examines the science of forecasting and the history of humanity’s attempts to predict the future. He visits weather stations around the world to reveal what goes into gathering data used to make forecasts and how technology has changed meteorology over time.


6. Why Is Water So Important For Life

He travels to the US to look at how water is controlled in the desert. In other episodes, Richard visits some of the world’s most extreme places including the Sahara Desert and Outer Mongolia. He also explores some of the world’s natural wonders such as Norway’s Fjords and Kaziranga National Park in India. Along with his discoveries, Richard dives into the history and mythology of water. He looks at how water has inspired art, religions, cultures, and even food throughout the ages. Through this series of documentaries, viewers can explore a new side to Richard Hammond – one that is both entertaining and informative. They can learn about the power of water on earth and its importance in our daily lives. The documentaries provide an exciting insight into the science behind this life-giving liquid and its impact on our world. Audiences can follow Richard as he discovers how water has transformed the world around us, from lakes to rivers, oceans to deserts.


7. Engineering Connections – Burj Al Arab Hotel

The Burj Al Arab is the ultimate showcase of modern engineering, a stunningly beautiful hotel that has to be seen to be believed. Experience this unique journey with Richard Hammond as he takes us through the highs and lows of creating this magnificent structure, from concept design to construction challenges and eventual completion. Along the way, you’ll get an inside look at one of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks and gain a greater understanding of how it was brought to life. The documentary also includes interviews with the architects, engineers, and construction workers who worked on the project as well as exclusive footage from inside the hotel itself. It’s an eye-opening experience that will leave you in awe of one of mankind’s most amazing achievements! From its breathtaking architecture to its immense scale, the Burj Al Arab is truly a marvel to behold. Not only does Richard Hammond provide an in-depth look at this architectural masterpiece, he also visits some of the other iconic structures that have made Dubai one of the most recognisable cities in the world.


8. Where Does Wind Come From

He then heads to the top of a mountain range in Wales and takes part in one of the world’s first experiments with Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites. After that, Hammond sets out on an epic journey across America to explore how the most powerful type of wind works – tornadoes. He visits Oklahoma, the tornado capital of the USA, to get up close and personal with some of the most destructive twisters on the planet. This documentary is an eye-opening experience for all who watch it, and Hammond’s exploration will leave you in awe of Mother Nature’s power. From the edge of space to the heart of a hurricane, this educational film highlights human ingenuity and invention as Richard Hammond takes us on a journey to explore the power of wind. The documentary concludes with Hammond visiting the world’s first floating wind farm in Scotland, where he learns about the potential for renewable energy and its role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


9. This is what’s inside Richard Hammond’s secret car barn

From classic cars to bikes and some more unusual items, this is a great peek into the collection of one of the world’s most iconic TV personalities. If you want to take your knowledge of Richard Hammond further, then look no further than these documentaries that will provide you with an insight into his life and career. The Grand Tour – The Races: The Richard Hammond Special sees the presenter take on three races across North America. From kayaking in San Francisco Bay to racing up a mountain against an old-school steam train, you’ll get to experience all the action as if you were there. Richard Hammond’s Invisible Worlds is another great watch that reveals some of the incredible mechanical and natural phenomena that are hidden from us. With the aid of cutting-edge technology, Richard investigates everything from manta rays to man-made tunnels deep beneath the ground.


10. Richard Hammond decides his greatest Top Gear car of all time

From the first-generation Ford Focus RS to the Vauxhall Monaro, there was no shortage of incredible cars for Richard to choose from. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Top Gear challenge without its fair share of laughs and banter along the way! But that’s not all – we also tracked down some great documentaries about Richard Hammond. From his wild childhood adventures to the heart-stopping moments on Top Gear, these insightful films are sure to give you a different perspective on life as an automotive enthusiast. Our top pick is ‘The Man Who Lived Life at 200mph’. As well as covering some of the biggest challenges from Top Gear, this documentary also looks at the highs and lows of Richard’s career. We also recommend ‘Richard Hammond’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth’, a fascinating exploration into the science behind volcanology.

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