Inside: 21st Century Warship

Jun 3, 2023 | Military/War, Technology, Videos

The United States Navy is revolutionizing the way they fight in the 21st century with their new class of warship: the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). Packed with high tech weapons and equipment, these ships are fast, versatile, and deadly. In order to showcase these groundbreaking vessels, National Geographic has created a stunning documentary about the USS Freedom and USS Independence.

The LCS is designed for shallow water operations, allowing them to access areas of combat that would traditionally be off limits. This presents a huge advantage in naval warfare, as it allows for a greater range of tactical manuevers and strategies. Armed with advanced sensors and guided missile systems, they are capable of engaging both surface targets as well as submarines. Additionally, they have integrated mine countermeasure capabilities that allow them to detect and neutralize mines from safe distances.

This documentary provides an up-close look at these incredible machines of war. Going far beyond what can be seen with the naked eye, viewers will see how the LCS’ systems complement each other to create an impenetrable defense network. Viewers will also get a glimpse inside the ship’s operation centers and key command centers where sailors manage their high tech arsenal.

For those interested in learning more about modern naval warfare or seeing some of the most advanced warships ever created in action, this documentary is a must-see! With its cutting edge visuals and insight into life aboard an LCS ship, it truly offers an immersive experience into life on board one of these incredible vessels.

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David B