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May 27, 2023 | Technology, Videos

The HDMS Absalon is the most modern and sophisticated warship in the Danish Navy. Equipped with high-precision weapon systems, the warship serves as a flexible support vessel, providing security to the Danish fleet. In order to maintain its superior performance, the HDMS Absalon goes through a major overhaul every five years. This process takes place at Orskov Yard in Frederikshavn, North Denmark.
During the overhaul process, the warship is docked, and its systems are inspected inside-out to ensure they are in optimal operating condition. From sonar systems to torpedoes to machine guns, each component is checked and maintained. The marine shaft device, which is the most complex component of the vessel, is checked by cutting a hole in the ship to remove the rudder and propellers. The bow thruster is removed and maintained, and a new UV filter system is installed for cleaning the ballast water. The entire ship also receives a fresh coat of paint.
All of the above must happen under extreme time pressure, as the team at Orskov Yard has only five weeks to complete the overhaul. The task is not for the weak-hearted, as unexpected problems may arise, and the special construction of the warship only adds to the challenge.
This entire process is documented in a fascinating documentary called “The Major Overhaul of HDMS Absalon: A Mega Pit Stop.” The documentary showcases the efforts of the skilled engineers and technicians who undertake this massive project. It also provides a glimpse into the special construction of such a highly-equipped vessel.
If you are interested in naval engineering or just curious about how a modern warship works, “The Major Overhaul of HDMS Absalon: A Mega Pit Stop” is a must-watch documentary.

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David B