If you think fast fashion is bad, check out SHEIN

May 10, 2023 | People, Videos

Shein is a Chinese fashion giant that has revolutionized the fashion industry. Through a combination of ultra-cheap prices, ultra-fast speed of production, and an aggressive social media presence, SHEIN has created an enormous hype around their brand. But how do they manage to produce clothing so quickly at such low prices?

The secret lies in their business model. Shein outsources the vast majority of their production to garment factories in countries with minimal labor regulations and little access to sustainable materials. This allows them to maximize profits while keeping prices low – but it also comes at a great cost. Inhumane working conditions, environmental destruction, and exploitation of vulnerable communities are rampant within the fast fashion industry as a result of this unethical business model.

Fortunately, there is a way we can make a difference. A new documentary titled ‘The Hideous Cost of Fast Fashion’ examines this issue from all angles, highlighting both successes and failures in the fight for fair labor rights and sustainability in the apparel industry. The film emphasizes the power individuals have to effect real change when we come together with our wallets and put pressure on brands like SHEIN to adopt more ethical practices.

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David B