The social media beauty cult |

May 16, 2023 | Beauty, People, Social, Videos

In today’s world of social media, the female body is constantly under scrutiny. Every day, young women are bombarded with digitally-enhanced images of beautiful, seemingly perfect women, who have attained the “ideal” body through a slew of fitness, dieting, and other bodily-enhancing regimes. However, the price of such “perfection” is steep, as it places a tremendous amount of pressure on those who aspire to it, resulting in eating disorders, body shaming, and sexism. It is amidst this culture of obsession with bodily perfection that documentary filmmaker Jennifer Rezny’s latest project finds its place.
A compelling and meticulously researched depiction of the illusory world of social media, Rezny’s documentary takes a long and hard look at the lives of young women whose quest to attain the “perfect” body has taken over their daily existence. Through various interviews and studies, the film draws attention to how social media is creating a new, high-pressure and visually competitive culture, which is leaving young women feeling increasingly dissatisfied and insecure about their own bodies. With the help of this powerful documentary, viewers are urged to confront the culture of perfection and question the real meaning of female beauty in a world dominated by social media.

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David B