Ice: Earth – The Power of the Planet

Jun 18, 2023 | Environmental, Videos


In BBC’s groundbreaking series Planet Earth, Dr Iain Stewart takes viewers on a 4.6 billion-year journey through time, exploring the remarkable forces that have shaped our planet and given it its unique characteristics. Examining volcanoes, oceans, atmosphere and ice, the series reveals the profound impacts of these natural phenomena on Earth’s landscapes, climates and history.

Using cutting-edge CGI technology, viewers experience these epic events first hand as they unfold before our eyes. High resolution satellite imagery brings us closer to the details of our planet than ever before while time-lapse sequences bring lifeless geological features to life in a whole new way. Planet Earth gives viewers an intimate insight into the wonders of nature never seen before.

The final episode offers a powerful reminder of just how rare and precious our planet is. It argues that we must take care of this special world we call home, full of extraordinary beauty and knowledge that will continue to inspire us as long as we nurture it.

Planet Earth is packed with stunning visuals and fascinating facts that make global science truly captivating. Whether you are an amateur enthusiast or professional scientist, this documentary series will open your eyes and stir your imagination like no other show can. If you want to appreciate planet Earth in brand new ways then tune into BBC’s Planet Earth – you won’t regret it!

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David B