I tried to eat only food waste for a week

Aug 28, 2023 | Food/Drink, Videos

Food waste is a major issue in our society, with up to 40% of the food produced each year being thrown away. But what would happen if we dove headfirst into finding ways to reduce our food waste?

This is exactly what the team behind the documentary “Eat From The Bin” set out to do. They challenged themselves to eat only food saved from the bin for an entire week and document their journey. What they found was shocking and eye-opening.

From shopping trips to dumpsters, their adventure began with them gathering all the discarded items from multiple supermarkets across Europe and creating a full week’s worth of meals without spending any money. Despite being met with initial resistance from store managers, they were able to create nutritious meals that kept them well fed throughout their experiment.

The documentary takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster as it documents their findings about how much food gets wasted and how easy it actually is to prepare delicious meals with rescued goods. In addition to showing practical solutions for reducing food waste, it also highlights creative ways of living sustainably – something that more of us should strive towards in order to preserve a healthy planet for future generations.

By watching this powerful film, you will gain insight into the global problem of food waste while being inspired by alternative solutions that could completely revolutionize your relationship with food. So dive into “Eat From The Bin” today and start making changes that can benefit not only yourself but our entire planet!

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David B