Travelling across Europe, Sam Vaknin, a diagnosed narcissist and self-professed psychopath, and his wife Lidija have been accompanied by documentary-maker Ian Walker in search of a diagnose for psychopathy. In an attempt to gain a better understanding of the mind-set and life of a psychopath, Walker has set out to capture an intimate look at the life of Vaknin.

The documentary that resulted from this journey is one that will provide viewers with unparalleled insight into what it means to be a psychopath, as well as how they live their lives. Through interviews with medical professionals, friends and family members, as well as never-before seen footage from inside Vaknin’s home, the viewer will get up close and personal access into a world often left shrouded in mystery.

Aside from being able to see how Vaknin copes with his diagnosis, viewers will also gain an understanding into the human condition and how it affects those suffering from mental illnesses such as psychopathy. The film offers a powerful message on empathy and compassion towards those who are living with mental illness – something that is all too often forgotten in our society today.

If you’re looking for an informative yet gripping documentary about psychopathy, then I highly recommend watching ‘I: Psychopath’. It provides an eye-opening look into the inner workings of one man’s life while simultaneously offering a unique perspective on what it truly means to struggle with mental illness.