Hypochondriacs: When Health Anxiety Becomes Unhealthy

Oct 31, 2022 | Health, Videos

Hypochondria is an anxiety disorder, manifesting with unrealistic fear that you might have a serious medical condition. It is also a fear you are at high risk of becoming ill.
Do hypochondriacs feel fake symptoms? No, it is a real condition, with real symptoms of social anxiety disorder and trauma of abuse.
We all worry about our health sometimes, but people with hypochondria do it all the time. This documentary follows the life of single mum Laura who is constantly searching for symptoms of cancer on the internet since her father died from a brain tumor. As well as Kevin, who can’t stop obsessing over the fear of HIV since he had a blood transfusion.
The documentary takes a close and honest look at the disabling condition. What do people with hypochondria go through every day?

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Riyan H.