How to solve our Big Dam Problem

Jun 27, 2023 | People, Videos

Hydropower is a source of renewable energy that has been around for centuries, however its social and environmental impact has only recently come to light. It is responsible for producing more renewable energy than all other sources combined, yet it often comes at great cost to local communities and the environment.

The documentary “Troubled Waters: The Future of Hydropower” dives into this controversial topic, exploring the complex dynamics between hydropower’s potential and its impact on the environment and on people’s lives downstream. From Brazil to China, from Costa Rica to India, the film looks at how this powerful force of nature could be both a blessing and a curse.

In order for hydropower to stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing world, drastic changes need to take place at both industrial and governmental levels. A balance must be found between economic growth and environmental protection so that communities can benefit from this renewable resource without disturbing ecosystems or infringing upon human rights. This requires robust regulations with strong enforcement mechanisms, as well as open dialogue amongst developers, governments, local communities and activists in order to create an effective system of governance.

It is clear that hydropower needs some major upgrades if it is going to remain a viable form of energy production in the future. Watching “Troubled Waters: The Future of Hydropower” is an excellent way to learn more about this important issue and gain insight into how we can best move forward in developing a sustainable hydropower industry that works for everyone involved.

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David B