How to know if egg freezing is right for you

Nov 23, 2023 | Health, Videos

Anchal Chaudhary is a 35-year-old lawyer living in Delhi, with a successful career and a life filled with opportunities. But as a single woman, she’s worried about the one thing she can’t control: time. Is it possible for her to have a baby? And even if it is, what are her options?
Enter Dr. Reubina Singh, an infertility specialist. In this gripping documentary, Anchal meets Dr. Singh and learns about the latest advances in medical technology, including egg freezing, which could give her the chance to have a baby at a time that’s right for her. But as she navigates the complex world of reproductive medicine, Anchal is faced with difficult choices and societal pressures. Will she be able to make the decision that’s best for her? And what if her body isn’t up for the procedure? This is the fascinating story of one woman’s struggle to overcome the ticking of her biological clock, and the cutting-edge science that could give her a chance at the life she wants.

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David B