Money and happiness have always been entwined. That’s why the Beatles’ classic song “Money Can’t Buy You Love” didn’t mention that money CAN buy you happiness. In this enlightening TED Talk, renowned researcher Michael Norton reveals his findings on how using our money can bring us joy and satisfaction.

Through his research, Norton has explored how people with varying amounts of money use it to make themselves feel better. His studies have focused on the brain’s reaction when these individuals spend their money in different ways. He has uncovered a powerful secret: don’t simply spend your money on yourself, but invest it in experiences that connect us to other people.

Norton explains that we value experiences more than material possessions because they are harder to forget. Experiences also carry a deeper meaning for us as they become part of our story and identity. This is why spending money on experiences with others—like going to dinner with friends or taking a family trip—is so rewarding for our emotional wellbeing. It helps create memories that will last far longer than any physical item we could purchase for ourselves.

If you’re looking for information on how to make the most of your money, Michael Norton’s TED Talk is a must-watch! With captivating storytelling and insightful research, he shows us how spending our money wisely can help enrich our lives in more ways than one.