7 Documentaries About Junior Military Groups

Jun 15, 2023 | Articles, Military/War

The subject of war has been a controversial topic for decades. It has captured the minds and hearts of many filmmakers across the world. Thanks to technological advancement, filmmakers can help us understand important events that took place decades ago and how they affect how nations operate in the present day. Back in the day, military groups were largely made up of young men. It was the duty of young men to fight for their country. Those who refused to join the military and fight for their respective nations were perceived as cowards and unpatriotic. War is one of the most important components of a nation’s history. In this article, I am going to share with you a series of key events that took place back in the day as depicted by the best filmmakers.

1.     Hearts and Minds

This is one of the best documentaries that will help you understand the effects of war on a nation. Hearts and Minds revolve around the Vietnam War and the different perspectives that the Vietnamese, politicians, and soldiers who fought had. The different accounts humanize many aspects of war and show how different politicians and soldiers thought of the war. Some regretted their actions while others defended them. The stories that you are going to hear from the Vietnamese people will help you have a clear idea of what happened. As a history student, you’ll be required to watch a lot of documentaries such as Hearts and Minds and write essays frequently. If your tutor has requested you to write a JROTC essay, you can easily find more JROTC essay topics to save time and get good grades. Reading free examples regularly will enable you to understand the structure of essays and help you realize your goals.

2.     In The Year of the Pig

This is a popular documentary that was released back in 1968. The plot is all about the involvement of America’s young military groups in the Vietnam War. The movie starts by introducing the causes of the war. It traces the interest that the French had in controlling Indochinese conflicts, the support that the government in Vietnam received from the United States, and the entry of the United States military groups. While the documentary has no narration, it has lots of interviews including the footage of important politicians to demonstrate how the conflicts arose. You’ll get to understand the role that the United States played as colonizers who tried to acquire land that wasn’t theirs. And how they justified their actions. Watching ‘In the Year of the Pig’, reading student contract for grades, teacher comments for students’ writing and learning how to spell for good grades will go a long way in helping you achieve your long-term study goals.

3.     The Great War

The Great War is one of the best series produced by BBC. It focuses on the experiences that young military groups had as they were fighting in World War I. It has lots of interviews with nearly 400 survivors of the war. The use of original footage clearly illustrates the series of events that took place back in the day. The film examines how politics affected the social climate and the key strategies used by the military to manage the conflict. This series is extraordinary because authentic footage has been used to narrate the events of World War I. Watching it will help you understand the horrors and brutality of war.

4.     The World at War

The World at War is considered to be one of the best documentaries of all time by millions of people across the world. It closely examines important events that led to World War II. It features interviews with several important figures that were mainly involved in the war together with reconstructed scenes and archive footage. The film covers every major event of the war such as D-Day, the Holocaust, and the Hiroshima bombing. The documentary is divided into 26 sections that provide a comprehensive account of World War II through interviews with politicians, veterans, and civilians who experienced the effects of the war directly. Watching it will help you write student essays easily.

5.     Burma: Forgotten Allies

This film narrates the story of Indian and British soldiers who fought the Japanese during World War II in the jungles of Burma. It is one of the best documentaries for history lovers because it tells the stories of the forgotten allies of the United Kingdom who fought together with the British in World War II against the Japanese. The people of Burma were the allies. And they are discriminated against and persecuted to date. By watching this documentary, you’ll get to understand the sacrifices that these soldiers made as they were fighting together with the British to protect their land.

6.     The Falklands War

This fascinating documentary narrates important events that took place in the Falklands War that occurred in 1982 between Argentina and the UK through archive footage and the eyes of veterans who participated. If you’ve always been interested in the events that took place back in 1982 between Argentina and the UK, you should read research paper examples and watch The Falklands War. The documentary has rich historical footage that balances the perspectives of Argentinian and British soldiers who fought the war. The film narrates the conflicts that occurred in the geographical and political context.

7.     Behind the Lines

Behind the Lines is a popular documentary that was produced by the popular filmmaker Jeremy Isaacs. It narrates the experiences that British soldiers had during World War II. With lots of interviews with veterans and rare archive footage, the film gives an in-depth look at the lives of the veterans who fought and died in the line of duty. The filmmaker also highlights the benefits of the Forgotten Army of Burma Campaign and remembers the brave young soldiers who fought.


There are a lot of documentaries about junior military groups who fought in both the First and Second World Wars. Watching these films will not only help you understand what happened but also appreciate the sacrifices that soldiers make to protect their respective nations.

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