How losing biodiversity could be killing us

Aug 26, 2023 | Environmental, Medicine, Videos

Biodiversity loss is having a devastating impact on our health, and it’s time we take notice. What many don’t realize is that many of the antibiotics, pain killers and even treatments for cancer are derived from nature. But by taking away the species that could provide us with next life-saving cures, we are essentially killing off potential sources of medical breakthroughs.

It’s estimated that more than one million species are at risk of extinction due to human activities, and this poses a major threat not only to biodiversity but also our health. As the natural world around us dwindles, so too do our chances of discovering new medicines from its diverse pool of organisms. Our current pharmaceutical arsenal is already limited in treating certain illnesses – a lack of biodiversity could further hinder our access to effective treatments and cures.

Besides providing us with medical breakthroughs, nature can also reduce disease risks through healthy ecosystems. From clean air to fresh water supplies, ecological diversity ensures balanced ecosystems that can protect people from certain diseases or reduce their severity. Without it, rates of communicable diseases like malaria could become more serious as mosquito populations thrive in man-made environments with little competition from other organisms.

The implications of biodiversity loss on our health are far-reaching and can be difficult to quantify. To learn more about this issue and its implications on human health, be sure to check out “Endangered Cures: Biodiversity Loss & Our Health” – an upcoming documentary exploring this dire topic in greater detail. This film delves into how the loss of biodiversity affects medical research and global public health initiatives while offering a unique perspective on how preserving natural habitats is crucial for the future of humanity’s collective wellbeing. Don’t miss out – watch “Endangered Cures: Biodiversity Loss & Our Health” now!

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David B