Homeopathy: The Test

Mar 5, 2023 | Health, Videos

The film draws on a conflict between Homeopathy and traditional medicine. Homeopathy the film claims has been pioneered over 200 years ago, with a strong view among practitioners and patients about its power to heal. Famous personalities have used Homeopathy as a treatment while still there remain many skeptics that question the healing power of Homeopathy.

One such skeptic, James Randi is fully convinced that homeopathy will not work. He is so sure that he has offered $1m to anyone who can provide convincing evidence regarding the curing properties of Homeopathy. Horizon, for the first time in the programme history, will conduct its own scientific experiment, to try and win his money. If they win, they get $1m and also manage to force scientists to rethink some of their beliefs.

The films provides for the basic principle on which Homeopathy works. It works on the principle of like cures like. An ailment can be cured by small quantities of substances which produce the same symptoms. However, if taken in greater quantities the same healing ingredients become poisonous.

The ingredients are diluted in water and alcohol. This technique has received criticism of skeptics who believe that homeopathic solutions are diluted so many times that they lose much of the original ingredients. Still many believe in the healing power of the homeopathic medicines are convinced that they work.

The film makes you ponder over the question if science has missed out on something or is there a more conventional explanation?

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Riyan H.