HOW IT WORKS | Mobile Phones, Bamboo Scaffolding, Rice, Stove | Episode 13

Aug 24, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Mobile phones, bamboo scaffolding and wood burning stoves are a critical part of many people’s lives throughout the world. Yet few understand how these everyday items actually work. A new documentary aims to shed light on this oft-overlooked knowledge by exploring the intricate systems and often ingenious solutions behind each of these items.

The documentary takes us on a journey to explore how some of the most basic technologies we take for granted came about, from rice cultivation techniques to efficient mobile phone networks. In each case, rich cultural histories, traditions and science combine to create something extraordinary. We are presented with interesting stories from around the world: from an engineer in rural India who uses his ingenuity to create a bamboo scaffolding system that can support large structures; to the intricate network of mobile phone towers that enable us to stay connected no matter where we are; or even the clever use of wood burning stoves for cooking in some parts of Africa.

Overall, this documentary provides viewers with an eye-opening look into how some of our most essential items work, while also encouraging us to think more critically about our environment and how we engage with technology every day. The filmmakers use creative storytelling and beautiful visuals to bring each subject alive in all its complexity. For anyone interested in learning more about how things work and gaining a better understanding and appreciation for the everyday technologies on which so much of our lives depend, this documentary is definitely worth watching.

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David B