America’s Black upper class – Rich, successful and empowered

Apr 30, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

This documentary takes a deep dive into the world of successful African-Americans and their journey towards wealth and prosperity. Against the backdrop of institutional racism that has led to higher rates of poverty in their community, these self-made millionaires have created impressive business empires using a combination of entrepreneurial thinking and intensive networking within the Black community.

Viewers will get an inside look at the lives of business moguls like Don Peebles, known as the “Black Trump”, who has amassed a net worth of 700 million dollars, and Tahlia Diaz Brown, a successful real estate agent in Atlanta who invites fellow Black businesspeople to a grand celebration at one of the city’s most fashionable clubs. The documentary highlights the achievements of these African-American entrepreneurs who have beaten the odds and become prominent figures in their respective industries, inspiring others with their stories of success. This film also explores the world of community business, spotlighting the Buy Black Movement, which has its own Black Amazon, an online marketplace for Black-owned businesses, and fosters a sense of community pride and support. Be prepared to be inspired and motivated by the stories of these trailblazing African-Americans.

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David B