HOW IT WORKS | Electric Toothbrush, Sushi, Charcoal, Rubber Gloves | Episode 4

Jun 25, 2023 | People, Technology, Videos

The documentary ‘Electric Toothbrush, Sushi, Charcoal, Rubber Gloves’ explores the disparate yet interconnected lives of four individuals from all over the world.

Sushi is a Japanese artist living in Tokyo who uses her art to seek out meaning in her life. Charcoal is an entrepreneur from Ghana who has devoted himself to improving access to clean energy and economic development in his community. Rubber Gloves is a former miner from Colombia who now works for environmental conservation and protection of his home country’s natural resources. And Electric Toothbrush is a humanitarian worker from London whose tireless efforts help provide basic services and education for children around the world.

This insightful documentary brings together these stories into one narrative that shows how our individual lives are connected in ways we may never expect. By delving into their backgrounds, motivations, and experiences, this documentary provides an engaging look at how small acts can have big impacts on both ourselves and those around us.

So if you’re looking for an inspiring story that will make you think about your place in the world, be sure to watch ‘Electric Toothbrush, Sushi, Charcoal, Rubber Gloves.’ It’s sure to be an emotional ride as it teaches us all what it means to truly care about others and make a difference in our lives – no matter where we come from or what our background may be.

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David B