How Football Match-fixing Works | Soccer

Jun 19, 2023 | Sports, Videos

In the seedy underbelly of football culture in Asia, there exists a sophisticated network of match-fixers, players on low salaries, bribes, and coaches who are threatened for raising questions. In this gripping documentary, we follow the story of Simon McMenemy, a renowned English football coach brought in to save an Indonesian team, and his descent into the brutal world of football match-fixing.
Foul Play takes you into an eye-opening world where government officials and club owners work together to ensure that the outcome of the game is determined long before the whistle blows. With startling new evidence, the documentary reveals that international tournaments are set up purely to be fixed, players are given specific instructions on when to take a dive, and even impartial referees can ask for a kickback. As Simon becomes increasingly frustrated, the corruption that is choking Indonesian football is seen to be holding back progress across the region in every field. Don’t miss the premier of this revealing documentary, Foul Play.

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David B