Police Brutality

Mar 6, 2023 | Crime, Justice, Videos

In this documentary you will have a chance to see the raw, uncut video footage of what happens when the representatives of the law cross the line and abuse their position.

The author faced publishing issues with the first video material, stating that the original video upload was taken down by YouTube under the guise of “copyright infringement” but then later reinstated after he proved that his use of the material was legal.

The law exists to protect the people, but the question at hand is who will protect the people when the law fails to do so? How can the excessive use of force be prevented and what are the measures against the policemen who commit this offence?

This documentary does not provide the answer to these questions, but rather raises the awareness that these thing do happen.

The viewer discretion is advised due to the violent nature of the compiled materials!

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Riyan H.