How Christianity Divided the Roman Empire

May 4, 2022 | History, Videos

This documentary vividly brings to life the rise and fall of the Roman Empire through the lens of one of the most exhilarating and brutal arenas in the history of humanity–the Colosseum.
From the savage truth of a gladiator’s life as a slave-warrior to the fascinating ways Rome’s Emperors used the vast amphitheater to demonstrate total power, “Colosseum” offers viewers a unique and personal look inside history’s most iconic empire.
The video pinpoints one of eight key and diverse characters–all based on real people from history. One of the big differences in the Roman Empire is religion.
In 286 CE, the Emperor Diocletian decided to divide Rome into two sections and stabilize the Empire. Those were the Western Empire and the Eastern Empire. While both continued practice Christianity, the Western Empire turned to Catholicism, while the Eastern to Orthodox Christianity.

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Riyan H.