How Chinese Money is Changing Africa | China/Africa Big Business |

Jul 28, 2023 | Business, Finance, Social, Videos

China has been achieving unbridled growth for decades, and the same vigor is reflected in its footprints in Africa – giant and expanding. The new documentary series explores how China’s influence has seeped into every pore of the African continent, leaving behind tales of struggle, innovation, and collaboration.
From megaprojects such as building bridges in Tanzania to creating joint flight academies in South Africa, the documentary captures an indelible moment in African history, where the old and new players redefine their relationships and pave the way for the continent’s future. The series also uncovers how the Chinese enterprises have adapted and innovated to make a dent in the African market, giving rise to a wave of mutual learning and positive influence between the Chinese and African employers, employees, and business partners.

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David B