Hostile Planet: Mountains

Feb 8, 2024 | Nature, Videos

The documentary, Mountain Animals: The Fight for Survival, offers a unique glimpse into the lives of animals that call the mountains home. From the Arctic Circle to the Montana Rockies to the Indian Himalayas, this documentary shows us how mountain animals battle harsh weather conditions and navigate treacherous terrain in order to survive.

In Jameson Land, Greenland, we witness a pair of Barnacle Geese struggling to keep their three chicks alive in an isolated spot far away from their food source. This daring act of survival comes with its own set of risks and only 60% of chicks usually survive past the first month.

In Ethiopia, we journey with a troop of Gelada Monkeys as they make their way up 10,000 feet in search of grass that provides them essential nutrients. We watch as their leader bravely defends his family against potential threats.

We also follow Mountain Goats as they brave icy waterfalls and treacherous rapids in order to get to what they need most – sodium – for their diet. Meanwhile, Golden Eagles battle it out on Norway Peak for what may be their last chance for food before winter sets in.

Finally, in the Indian Himalayas we get a front-row seat to a Snow Leopard’s hunt for Blue Sheep. With no guarantee that he will make his kill unscathed, we watch as he traverses some of toughest terrain on Earth in hopes of getting a meal and keeping himself alive until the next one can come along.

From this documentary we get an incredible look at how animals adapt and survive under extreme conditions; it is truly remarkable to see nature’s resilience at work right before our eyes. If you’re looking for an inspiring story about how even small creatures can prevail against great odds then you won’t want to miss Mountain Animals: The Fight for Survival!

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David B