Hong Kong’s youth rises up

Oct 17, 2023 | People, Political, Social, Videos

Amid Hong Kong’s ongoing demonstrations, a high school student named Zack Ho is caught in the middle of his final exams. But his commitment to the protest movement has taken precedence. Zack is one of hundreds of thousands fighting against a controversial extradition bill that could curtail Hong Kong’s political autonomy and freedom. This documentary follows Zack’s journey and sheds light on the wider fight for democracy in the Special Administrative Region.
As protests escalate and the government’s response intensifies, Zack Ho and his fellow demonstrators remain more determined than ever. With Carrie Lam’s public apology and suspension of the extradition bill falling short of their demands, they won’t rest until Hong Kong’s future is secured. “Third Person” captures the energy, passion, and urgency of a movement that’s shaking the very foundations of Hong Kong’s political landscape.

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David B